How to see who blocked you on Facebook for free

On Facebook, who blocked me? Fortunately, if you think someone has blocked you on Facebook. There are several things you can do about it. In this guide, I will teach you how to see who blocked you on Facebook for free. who has me blocked on Facebook?

Maybe a friend has abruptly stopped paying you any attention. It’s also possible that you no longer see their postings in your feed. Do they simply have a hectic schedule? Or were you blocked because of anything you did wrong? Are you able to find out who blocked you?

How to see who blocked you on Facebook for free

How to see who blocked you on Facebook

  • Tagg Someone Who May Have Blocked You

Suppose you want to show a friend a meme you’ve spotted. Typically, to tag someone, write their name in the space provided and click the appropriate link to their profile. When they logged in again, they would see the tag and be notified about it.

You won’t be able to tag that person in memes, pictures, or posts you make to your own or someone else’s timeline, though, if they have blocked you. The other person’s privacy settings determine whether you can tag someone on Facebook who unfriended you. You cannot tag someone if they are not a member of the private group. This also depends on the settings of a group you may be a part of.

  • Check to See If You’ve Been Blocked on Facebook by Using the Search Function

Use Facebook to find your friend. To access the search box located at the top-left corner of the page, just sign in. In a similar vein, the search bar appears at the top of your feed while using the Facebook app to find out who has blocked you.

You will see a list of pages and profiles. Toggle the listing of results by selecting People. Under this setting, their profile won’t appear if you’ve been blocked. Even if they have blocked you, there’s a chance you will see them if you search for everyone.

Click on the person’s display image if you happen to spot them. If they’ve just unfriended you, you may be able to see some of their profile, depending on their privacy settings.

  • Check Who Blocked You by Using the Profile of a Mutual Friend

After utilizing those techniques to check Facebook, you can now search for further indications. The simplest method is to visit the profile of a person you both know or who you think may have blocked you both. When you select See All, a short list of their friends will appear. The number of contacts you have in common should be displayed.

You can either put it into the “Search Friends” field or find it through their contacts. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they haven’t blocked you. If you can see their name and profile picture.


Is there a way for me to see who on Facebook blocked me? 

If you are unable to find someone’s profile. Then view their posts or comments, or send them a message on Facebook. You can determine if they have blocked you. When someone is blocked, you are unable to communicate with them.

And how can I find out if I’ve been blocked? 

Whether you use an Android or iPhone, or if you’re unsure if the messages are reaching their recipient, giving the number a call will help you find out if you’ve been blocked. Observe the following: The phone should ring three to twelve times, if you’re not blocked, before going to voicemail.

How can messages be removed from Facebook Messenger? 

Open the Messenger app, and find a conversation. Then tap and hold the specific message you want to delete. Select Remove from the menu at the bottom of the screen. You have the option to unsend or delete the message for yourself only.

Is It Possible to View Who Has Seen Your Facebook Profile?

Finding the company’s official position on the issue may be more difficult than you might think. We spent a considerable amount of time looking for a single help center page that directly answered this query. It was predictably, brief and a little confused. Facebook does not allow users to see who has viewed their profile. This feature cannot be offered by third-party apps either. We ask that you report any app that you find that makes this claim.

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