Why is my iPad battery draining so fast

To slow down the rate at which your battery drains, turn on Low Power Mode under Settings  Battery and restart your iPad frequently. Disable Bluetooth, activate “Reduce Motion”, and turn off Background App Refresh. Today in this post I will tell you why my iPad battery draining so fast.

Faults cause the health of an iPad battery to deteriorate over time. So it is critical to preserve it as much as possible before then.

Why is my iPad battery draining so fast

Why is my iPad battery draining so fast:

Your iPad battery frequently runs out of juice or refuses to hold a charge for the following reasons:

  • A background or application The battery is being drained by App Refresh.
  • here is a software update for your iPad.
  • It’s too bright on your screen.
  • There’s a software bug on your iPad.
  • Here are some troubleshooting steps to try, whether your problem is related to one of these or something else entirely.

How do I stop my iPad battery from draining so fast:

Why is my iPad battery draining so fast

To control your battery draining so fast You can adjust the settings. You can use a few tricks to extend the life of your iPad battery if it does not last as long.

App Refresh in the Background 

  • Your iPad has a feature called Background App Refresh that lets installed apps check for updates to their content even when you’re not using them. This feature may cause your iPad battery to discharge more quickly than usual when it is turned on.

Activate the Low Power Mode. 

Try putting your iPad in Low Power Mode while it’s charging. This function will speed up battery charging and use less energy. When the battery falls below a predetermined level, Low Power Mode automatically activates and shuts off when the battery reaches that point.

You can fix your iPad battery draining too quickly by doing the following steps:

  1. Launch the iPad’s Settings app.
  2. Click on Battery after swiping down.
  3. The Low Power Mode has a toggle switch next to it. To turn it on, just tap it.

Use the iPad’s System Repair Tool to quickly fix the iPad battery draining:

  • When your iPad’s battery drains too quickly, it can be very annoying and lower your enjoyment and productivity. UltFone iOS System Repair can help you quickly and easily identify and fix the underlying issues. Issues that are causing your iPad’s battery to drain quickly. Such as software bugs, corrupted system files, or other issues that are causing your battery to discharge.

iPad apps that drain your battery:

Your iPad’s default features, apps, and services that are listed below can quickly deplete its battery:

  • Applications for games
  • Spotify-like music apps Location-based services
  • Share system alerts and iPad analytics services.
  • Live system services: Time Zone, Emergency SOS, Find My iPad, etc.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi gadgets
  • Turning off the following system services, default apps, and push notifications will return your iPad’s battery timing to its original setting.

Give your iPad a reset:

  • First, simultaneously press and hold down the Home. And then the Sleep (on/off) buttons.
  • As the screen goes out, keep them down.
  • Hold them down until the Apple logo appears.
  • Let go.


Why does the iPad battery drain from Background App Refresh? 

The iPad’s battery, Wi-Fi, or data are used by the Active Background App Refresh setting to update the suspended apps. Your device will use more Wi-Fi and battery power to start the updates the more inactive apps it has installed, which will cause it to drain the battery faster.

How can I determine what’s causing my iPad’s battery to die? 

Go to Settings, Battery to see how the amount of use on your iPad affects the battery life. Your battery usage and activity history for the previous 24 hours and up to the previous 10 days are displayed. Advice and recommendations: You may notice information about the circumstances or usage habits that lead to iPad energy consumption.

What is the lifespan of an iPad battery?

The battery life of an iPad depends on its usage. The average life span of an iPad’s battery is 2 to 3 years. If you do not use your iPad more then its battery will last longer. If you use your iPad a lot or in very hot or cold weather and don’t take care of its charging the battery may drain faster.




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