Unlicensed mobile access

A technique known as Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) makes it possible for voice and data communications to be seamlessly transferred between unlicensed wireless networks. Net works such as Wi-Fi and cellular networks like GSM, UMTS, and LTE. In addition to conventional cellular networks, it enables mobile devices to access voice and data services over Wi-Fi networks.

By shifting traffic to Wi-Fi networks when available, UMA increases the capacity and coverage of cellular networks. This benefits users by providing better indoor coverage, higher voice quality, and possibly lower costs for mobile operators.

Unlicensed mobile access

How You can benefit from Unlicensed mobile access?

1- Even though people can use their mobile phones across several networks and locations, they only have one number.

2- They can fix the issue brought on by gaps in their provider’s network coverage by setting up their wireless LANs.

3- Calls made within free, unlicensed wireless LANs reduce roaming fees outside of the mobile service provider’s network.

4- As mobile communication gets more affordable and dependable, some people are being encouraged to switch from costly PSTN phone services.

Unlicensed mobile access

How Unlicensed Mobile Access Works

UMA is a brand name for a general access network used in commerce. A phone that is currently connected to a wireless WAN presents itself to the WAN’s GAN controller as being on a different base station of the WAN and switches to the wireless LAN network when it moves within the vicinity of the wireless LAN network. The transfer is easily permitted because the unlicensed LAN is shown as a component of the licensed WAN. Upon leaving the unlicensed wireless LAN’s coverage area, the user’s connection roams back to the wireless WAN.

Unlicensed mobile access

How Can Providers Benefit From UMA?

Carriers do not need to purchase costly wireless WAN hardware; instead, they can install Wi-Fi hotspots in network coverage gaps. Switching a portion of traffic to unlicensed wireless LANs relieves congestion on GSM and other wireless WAN networks.

GSM is not the best network for carrying other kinds of media besides voice; networks like Wi-Fi are. As a result, service providers can create communication bundles that go beyond voice. Internet service companies looking to save costs and increase service offerings will find this potential particularly intriguing.

In other words, UMA is not limited to any one network and can function on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other networks since it runs at the IP network layer of the protocol stack, which makes it accessible to other protocols on the interface layer.

Disadvantages of UMA

1- Handsets must be compatible with UMA. These are highly valued and uncommon. This is an issue for both subscribers and providers.

2- Although UMA offers mobility, it is unable to offer free or extremely inexpensive calls like Skype and SIP-based services do. Therefore, decreasing costs might not always be a good idea.

Unlicensed mobile access


Is it possible to use a phone on Wi-Fi without a carrier? 

 Internet Access: You don’t need a cellular plan to use Wi-Fi to access the internet. Or browse websites, check emails, and utilize other online services. Services and Apps: A lot of apps need to be connected to the internet to work correctly. You can continue to use these apps without any issues by making a Wi-Fi connection.

How does unlicensed mobile access UMA work for Android Samsung?

In actuality, UMA is a trade term for a general access network. When a phone that is already connected to a wireless WAN comes into range of a wireless LAN network, it switches to the wireless LAN network and appears to the WAN’s GAN controller as if it is on a separate base station.

When it states that the cellular network is unavailable, what does it mean? 

 This notification on your phone indicates that there is no signal from your cellular carrier available for your device. You are unable to send SMS, make calls, or perform other typical tasks because of this.

What is unlicensed mobile access(UMA)?

The wireless technology known as Unlicensed Mobile Access makes it possible to switch between wireless local area networks. Networks such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and wide-area cellular networks with ease. When you step within the range of your office’s Wi-Fi network. The call will automatically transition from the GSM network to your carrier’s GSM network. This is one example of how UMA works.

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