How to Sharpen Hair Clipper

 How to Sharpen Hair Clipper?

Sharpened hair clippers and blades are necessary for a clean and flat cut every time. However, over time, the stylish blades can become dull and ineffective. Don’t settle for medium haircuts or spend money on expensive blade reserves—learn the expert tricks for honing your hair clippers like a pro. How do sharpen hair clippers? Let’s begin

With just a few simple steps, you can keep your clippers running easily and ensure a professional finish on every cut. So, whether you’re a seasoned hairstylist or just looking to up your grooming game, follow our guide on how to edge hair clipper blades and elevate your haircuts to the next level!

1.   Why Clipper Blades Become Dull & How to sharpen hair clippers

As any hairstylist or hairstylist will tell you, one of the most essential tools in their trade is a sharp set of clipper blades. Dull blades make for a lousy hairstyle and can be dangerous. Here are some of the reasons why your clipper blades may come dull over time:

  • Built-up hair and debris can blunt the blades.
  • Metal fatigue from extended use can also cause them to lose their edge.
  • Indeed, the best-quality blades will ultimately need to be replaced.

Still, there’s no need to be horrified if you have dull clipper blades. With some time and effort, you can sharpen them back to like-new condition.

2.    What Will You Need for this?

You must ensure you have everything you need to edge your clipper blades.

Still, there are many effects you’ll need:

  • A Screwdriver – You’ll use it to wind the blades off the clipper and back.
  • A Sharpening Stone should be a 3000 and 8000-grit combo for the best results.
  • A Tooth (Cleaning) Brush – In most cases, the toothbrush is frequently stiffer and way better than a clipper’s cleaning brush.
  • A Marker – It will help you determine how much surface area has been removed from your blades.
  • A Rag or Paper Kerchief – You can also use a microfiber cloth. It will come in handy when you need to dry or wipe debris off your blades.
  • Some heated water or any dissimilar cleaning solution is needed.

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3.    Sharpen Hair Clipper Blades:

You can use the following eight ways to edge your hair clipper blades:

  • Remove the Blades:

You have to remove your hair clipper blades before you can edge them. Utmost blades are attached to the clippers with two screws located at the bottom of the blades. Use the applicable screwdriver (Philips or flathead) to remove the screws. Also, pop off the blades from the clipper.

Pro Tip: Fresh pieces might be holding the blades in place. Be sure to go slow with the removal. That will help you remember how to reassemble the blades when the sharpening is complete.

  • Attach the Blades to a Magnet Holder:

An especially designed attraction holder keeps the hair clipper blades in place while stropping. It also helps cuts and Knicks to your fritters during sharpening. However, you can grip the blades for stropping if you don’t have an attraction holder. Consider wearing surgical-type gloves to avoid injury.      

  • Run the Blade across the Sharpening Stone:

A stropping gravestone is also called a whetstone or a honing gravestone. You can find these monuments in any tackle store. Look for a fortitude face gravestone with 4000 to sharper hair clipper blades. Hold the gravestone in place on a flat face.

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Displace the blade at a 45-degree angle in a familiar directive. It would be stylish if you only moved the blade forward. In other words, keep the blade from moving back and forth. Repeat this forward stir for five to ten passes on the gravestone.

The stropping stir should yield a candescent blade. Also, turn the blade over and repeat for the opposite side. After you edge the first blade, repeat the process for the alternate blade.

  • Repeat the Sharpening process with a Fine Whetstone:

You can create an even sharper edge with a fine whetstone. The stropping gravestone for this result should have a fortitude face of 8000. Again, move the blade across the gravestone at an angle and only in a forward direction.

This fresh stropping is a voluntary step. However, if the blade is sharp enough on the first pass, you can proceed to cleaning and reassembly.

  • Brush the Blade Clean:

Use an old toothbrush to clean the blade. This should remove any debris or slices created from the stropping process. If there are signals of visual rust on the blades, you can clean the clippers with the same brush.

Also, soak them in a blade cleaning solution for many twinkles. A solution with 90 alcohol should be sufficient. After the liquor, you can dehydrate the blades. However, if the rust remains, you’ll also need to replace the blades.

  • Reattach the Blade:

Reattach the blades to the clipper base in the same position as the launch. Be sure to screw in tightly.

  • Add Drops of Hair Clipper Oil:

Once you assemble the hair clippers, add many drops of hair clipper oil painting to the blades. That’s the same oil painting you apply after every many cuts that you perform. The oil painting helps keep the blades from overheating. The oil painting also reduces disunion, which can damage the blades with continual use.

  • Run the Hair Clippers:

After you reassemble the hair clippers, be sure to run the clippers for a few minutes. That will help hone the blades. They will now be ready for the next cut.

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