The Use of Electric Hair Clippers

Hair Trimming and cutting should not exist as a job with our expert companion when utilizing electric hair clippers at home. Whether corded or cordless, we’ve put together the dos and don’ts on men’s hair cutting from home with products used by professional barbers.

We’ve placed simultaneously a willing and easy guide on how to cut your hair at home with electric hair clippers, the identical way the professionals do. Come to your hairstylist at home with a little bit of practice and the right tools to do the job. In this article, we will discuss “The use of Electric Hair Clippers”.

Electric Hair Clippers

Electric Hair Clippers

Though, also spend some time familiarizing yourself with them first, if it’s the first time you’ve used your hair clippers. Turn them on and off, perceive the weight of them in your hand, detect the most easy grip, and charge the cutters if they’re cordless, excessively.

Still, if your hair clippers come with speed options, if your electric hair clippers come with a range of clip-on combs in colorful slice lengths find the one that’s right for you and fix it to your clippers as well as elect the speed you’re easy cutting at.

Prepare a Space for Cutting

Find an area at home that’s going to be easy to clean- either a restroom, kitchen or a theater – if you’re cutting hair indoors, have a vacuum to hand or a broad encounter to gather the hair after, so slapdash hairs are not walked through your home after.

Prepare everything you’ll be using (hair clippers, whether corded or cordless) a comb or encounter, and a kerchief if you wish to cover your shoulders as you or the person helping you clips the hair.

Wash and Dry your Hair

First out, wash your hair as you typically would, with either soap and conditioner or you prefer each over body wash. When hair is clean, it’s greatly easier to work with and for cutting blades to slide through at dissimilar lengths.

Hair that’s ignoble can beget electric hair clippers to come congested with grease and hairstyling products left in the hair. Don’t leave hair wet to cut it moreover-kerchief dry hair and also comb out if demanded, to remove any befuddlements (if the hair is longer or thicker).

Electric Hair Clippers

Where to Start Cutting Your Hair

Start at the Sides

Start with the sides and cut your hair against the directive of the hair’s growth, beginning from the bottom and transferring in an upward motion. However, depending on the height of the comb, Passover is the identical area to seize any hair that is not cut to the asked length, if you require to.

Depending on the style you’re going for, some may prefer an each-over cut, whilst others may wish to cut the lower area of the head with a shorter trimming comb, and the longer, chunky core of hair at the top of the head with a lengthy comb. This will blend the two lengths if you wish to produce a fade.

Move onto the Back

Move along the reverse of your head in the same upward direction, going over the same area where necessary with your hand if you’re cutting hair by yourself to see if any longer areas remain. However, indeed cut, if you have one also use a glass to check the reverse and work sluggishly and steadily for a clean. Check that you’ve unevenly matched the sides with the reverse of your head, too.

Cutting the Top

However, also you may need to trim the top of your head if you have not gone for each over-cut at one length. To do this, utilize a comb to encounter the hair up in a linear line in slightly manageable segments, and similarly cut along the range of the comb’s teeth and your hair. As you move on, keep a length of the hair that’s formerly been cut within the comb, so that you can unevenly trim hair to the same length. Eventually, trim up the hairline where required and where it meets facial hair (if mandatory).

Choosing Electric Hair Clippers

Hair clippers generally range anywhere between £20-£70 depending on the brand and the features that come with the clippers. You can also choose between mains-powered or cordless models, and whilst cordless does feel more accessible, generally speaking, mains-powered will always give full power compared to battery-charged units.

Cordless, however, are easier to maneuver if you’re cutting your hair as opposed to a partner or friend doing it for you. It’s correspondingly important to esteem the room in which you’ll exist shearing your hair and whether you retain the capability to plug a mains-powered electric hair cutter in.

Clipper grades and cutting length are interchangeable and simply mean the millimeter measurement of the comb length used on the clipper. Utmost hair clippers approach with further than one comb accessory, to be qualified to shear the hair to the extent that you ask.

We’d always recommend copping a clipper oil painting alongside your clipper. It keeps the blades waxed and can be used with electric nippers and beard trimmers, too.


In conclusion, embracing electric hair clippers for home grooming offers unequaled convenience and perfection. With easy-to-use features and professional-grade performance, they empower individuals to achieve salon-good results from the comfort of their own space. From saving time to learning colorful styles, electric clippers revise particular fixing routines. Elevate your grooming experience and enjoy the confidence that comes with an impeccably nominated look, painlessly achieved at home.

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