How to Check AirPods Battery

You’re at the midpoint of a good playlist, misplaced in the music when suddenly your AirPods lapse. Oops, you’re left with nothing but silence and the actualization that you should have checked the battery position before starting your jam session.

Don’t worry, however, because, in this composition, we’ll show you how to avoid this unfortunate situation, how to check your AirPod battery, and keep it completely charged. Keep reading for tips and tricks you need to have your AirPods ready for whatever melodies you want to hear to coming. airpod how to check the battery?

Here is how to check AirPod battery status on iPhone/iPad: Put AirPods in a case and hold it close to the device. Open the case. A battery situation popup will show up on your screen.

On your Mac: Press on the Bluetooth icon in your menu option. There, you will see your AirPods if they are connected to your Mac. Then, you can check the battery situations of your AirPods and their charging case.

Use Batteries and AirBuddy to cover and treat the battery positions of your AirPods and different Bluetooth devices. The apps give real-time updates and shoot low-battery notices. Both apps are free for seven days via Set app, a platform with more than 240 top Mac, iPhone, iPad, and web apps to tackle almost any task.

How to know if AirPods are charging:

The initial move in checking the battery in your earbuds is to see if they’re charging. Let’s experience how to see if AirPods are charging.

You can describe when your AirPods are charged by seeing the status light and its color. The status light is a bitsy fleck of light on your charging case that can glow green, white, or amber. These colors point to whether your AirPods are charged, connected, or charging, so it’s important to understand what they intend. how can I check my AirPods battery?

The position of the status light may vary from model to model. Precisely see inside the case (between the earbuds) and on the forehead of the case.

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Once you know where the status light is located, the coming challenge is to interpret what each of the colors means. When the battery is charging, the status light can appear green or amber, and it can either twinkle or not twinkle. Each of these lights conveys a dissimilar number of data from the different. While this may feel confusing at first, don’t worry.

Here is a quick companion to what each status light means.

With AirPods inside the Case and Lid open:

  • An amber glow points that your earphones are charging in the case.
  • A green light indicates that the case and AirPods are completely charged.
  • A twinkling green light signs about trouble detecting one of your earbuds.
  • A flashing orange or unheroic light means the commodity is wrong. It generally indicates a pairing or connection error that can be resolved by resetting your AirPods.

When AirPods are not in the Case:

  • An amber light means that your case is currently charging.
  • A green light indicates that your case is completely charged.

How to check AirPods Battery:

Presently, let’s look at how to confirm the battery of AirPods. How can I see my AirPods battery?

Checking the battery situations of your AirPods on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad is a quick and easy process.

On your iPhone or iPad, just open the lid of your AirPods case and grip it near your device. A battery status popup will appear on your screen, showing you the battery situations of your AirPods as well as the battery position of your charging case.

On your Mac, press the Bluetooth icon in your menu bar. There you’ll look at your AirPods if they’re linked to your Mac. Then you can check the battery situations of your AirPods and their charging case.

Still, there are several great apps you can try if you’re someone who wants to keep a closer eye on your AirPods’ battery situations. For illustration, Batteries is your one-stop control center for fluently managing the battery status of your AirPods, iPhone, iPad, and any other Bluetooth device. This lightweight mileage replaces your regular Mac battery cadence and augments it with real-time battery situations for all your devices. Plus, Batteries automatically notify you when a battery is down, so you’ll not forget ever to charge anything again.

Now that you know how to check AirPods battery, you might be wondering if there’s a more effective way to pair your AirPods with your Mac than going through the Bluetooth menu. There is!

Alternatively, you can use OneSwitch to snappily connect your AirPods.

This app also lets you perform a variety of conduct that are generally controlled by individual apps. Some of these conduct include hiding desktop icons, toggling dark mode, cranking a screen redeemer, and more.

The best AirPods battery check method:

Checking the battery life of your AirPods is an important step in icing continued listening sessions. By interpreting the color canons of the light, you can tell if your AirPods are charging, completely charged, or if there’s a connection error.

Also, there are several ways to check the battery life of your earbuds, including using the built-in battery contrivance on your iPhone/iPad, Mac, or apps, similar to AirBuddy and Batteries. With these little aides, you can fluently manage the battery status of your AirPods and other Bluetooth devices and admit low-battery notifications. However, try ToothFairy and OneSwitch, if you want to pair AirPods with your Apple devices with a single click.

To check the battery life of your AirPods, interpret the light’s color codes or use built-in battery features on your Apple devices or third-party apps like AirBuddy and Batteries. Consider ToothFairy and OneSwitch for easy pairing with your Apple devices.

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